God has a word over our city, that He has plans and purposes for ‘many thousands’. He has given us a vision of ‘making encountering and demonstrating the love of God the Adventure of a Lifetime’. Where will these two meet? In the life of disciples.

Disciples, followers of Jesus, who live and pray to see God’s Kingdom come.

Our city should be blessed because our church, and every Jesus-following church, exists. The world we each inhabit has hope because we are there. Why? Because we carry the Kingdom of God into every situation.

We don’t make plans to build our church. God does this. We make plans to impact the world through the building of His Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven. 2019 will be a year of making disciples who follow Jesus in the way they look inward, outward and upward.

Our activities will revolve around three pursuits: Love, Power and Purity. We pray, serve, love, take risks, worship, study, learn, plan through these core values.

And it will also be a year of allowing God to work on our hearts. We all carry the Kingdom. It’s not just about getting more of Him in us. It’s about getting Him out of us! We are believing to see the rocks removed that causes blockages - hurts, fears, pride, self-centredness, materialism, etc. We want to be freer so we can freely give more.

Join us this year as we live a disciples adventure!