Leah asks us all a question this morning, ‘What evidence is there in my life that I belong to Jesus?’ What makes us different from the good people in the world who do good deeds. The account of woman at the well in Samaria has some key insights into what makes the difference.

Dave’s message this morning takes inspiration from the situation at Nineva and how Jonah responded to God’s call.

Jayne gives an over view of sharing faith in England.

Personal Testimonies of God's goodness from various members of the congregation.

Jayne concludes the series on the Disciples Prayer this morning, with a focus on ‘Lead us not into Temptation, and deliver us from Evil.

Dwaine is our guest speaker this morning he has an encouragement for each of us to ask God for a word to give. Dwaine challenged us to aspire to be a Jeremiah in our generation, people who hear from God in times of crisis and when decisions need to be made.

Dave continues the series on the Disciples Prayer, this morning his focus is on the section ‘Forgive Us Our Debts’ We have been forgiven Much, if we then hold on to unforgiveness then we live impoverished lives. Unforgiveness hinders the flow of God in our lives. Forgiveness is an imperative, it is a choice we all make. This is the first step and it is our part in the process, if there is to be Reconciliation then this is the other persons initiative, not up to us to start this process. Restoration of the relationship is God’s initiative, and may never happen.

Forgiveness begins with a real understanding of the forgiveness we have received from God.

Debbie and Paul speak around their work in Kenya, setting up an Orphanage in Utange, and how this has grown to feed over 500 other orphans. There is also now a high school with a vision to meet the need of a Bible College, to train future ministers, and support current pastors.

Paul's word to the Church this morning was for us to seek God for our daily opportunities to share Kingdom blessing with those God is already loving and speaking to.

On the occasion of Ella’s dedication and today also being Father’s Day, Dave looks at the Perfect Father that we all have in God.

The message this morning is one of Intimacy with God and how vital this relationship is to us as Children of God.

Eric takes his message this morning from Acts 2. Eric considers three areas. Supernatural Worship, Supernatural Boldness and Supernatural Content and Effect.

Jayne's message this morning 'An Upgrade in Faith' has its example in Daniel, where three men have an Upgrade in Faith that sees them walking a path like no other they've walked before.

Dave continues the series of the Disciples prayer, this week his focus is on - Forgive us our Debts.

Dave continues the series on the Disciples Prayer, this week his focus is ‘Give Us Today Our Daily Bread.’ We are encouraged to feed on the bread on a daily basis, So that we are prepared on a daily basis to meet the needs we encounter. Prayer is the life source to the life of a disciple.

Jayne looks at the account of Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with a jar of Nard perfume. An act of love and devotion from Mary towards Jesus, an act of Worship. Jayne looks at this act of Worship and that way in which it changes the atmosphere in the situation and beyond. This is how living a life of Worship can impact the world around us. Worship is more than singing it is about how we live our lives in front of others, and how we honour God in the moments of our days activities.

Leah asks us to consider the cost of Olive Oil, not from the purchasers view point but from the view point of the Olive. The Olive is pressed to extract the last drop of oil, that is the true cost of the Oil. Leah then looks at the pressing that Christ endured in the Olive Grove at Gethsemane, (literal meaning - Olive Press), in this place he was pressed and where he submitted to the will of His Father. It was at this point that the work at the cross was settled.

2019 Easter Service in Two Parts.

Dave continues the Disciple’s Prayer series, looking at the phrase ‘Your Will be Done’ The focus of a Disciple’s life is to be doing the will of God, developing a life that is in tune with the heart of God.

Jayne continues the Disciple’s Prayer series this week. Looking at the phrase ‘Thy Kingdom come’ Jayne considers the structure of the Kingdom of God and compares it with the structure of the Kingdom of Darkness. Though there are some similarities the Kingdom of Darkness does not have the same power or authority that the Kingdom of God has. Jayne challenges us all to get actively involved in the battle that is ongoing between these two kingdoms.

Richard continues the series on the ‘Disciple’s Prayer’, this week the focus is on the phrase ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’. Richard looks at three areas - Worship, Authority, and Honour.

Dave's focus this week is on the phrase Our Father. Prayer is all about a relationship with Our Father.

Dave’s focus today is the Prayer template that Jesus gave the disciples when they asked Him to teach them how to pray.

Dave provides scaffolding around the prayer to aid greater understanding to the purpose of the prayer. His scaffold points are - Prayer is Presence; Prayer is Private; Prayer is Participatory; and Prayer is Partnership’

Dave also gives us three keys that make this prayer a Disciples prayer - It is about establishing a position; it is a declaration of surrender; and A confession of dependence.

Jayne considers why we should pursue God and press into all that He has for us. Why we should want to overcome inactivity and war against the thigs that impede us. Jayne takes a detailed look at the whole armour of God.

Dave takes Psalm 13 as a text of encouragement, that David had experienced thoughts like ‘What if …’ and regrets about ‘Why did I do…’ the bookends of stepping out into something new. These two thought processes have the power to paralyze us and prevent us from stepping out, these are the areas that the enemy can get to work on destabilizing the work of God. David’s response to the enemy’s strategies is in v6 - ‘I Will Trust in Your Unfailing Love’.. Dave exhorted us that the time is now for us to step into what God has for us, this is God’s time for out town.

Jayne looks at our inheritance being both individual and also corporate. How God wants us to come into everything He has for us in his plan.

This morning's focus is on Love in Action. We can't show the Love of God to others until we have encountered that love ourselves.

God's Love is....




This kind of Love does not reveal a feeling it reveals a Person - God in Jesus Christ.

Dave highlight another of the streams this morning, that of Purity.

Dave takes Eph 3:14-20 as the text for his message this morning.

The Kingdom is … Available to Everyone; Applicable to Everyone; Advancing for Everyone; Abiding in You.

Dave begins the New year by introducing a New stream for this year’s adventure.

The Christmas service.

Richard draws us to consider at this season of the year, that Jesus is not just about Christmas.

Jayne’s message this morning is one of Encouragement - No Buts.

Joao joins us this morning and brings a message of Salt and Light.

God’s Kingdom, Here, Now, in Us. Kingdom living is to be experienced now, its not a future event we are working towards, its available to us now to experience.

Dave uses Acts Chapter 10 as the basis for his message this morning to encourage us in Our Adventure. When we allow the Holy Spirit flow through us Anything Is Possible.

Peter’s dream overturned away of life for the Jews for Millennia. Without this change in the Jewish nation no Gentile would have experienced the saving power of the Cross. As part of the message Dave details some practical points around hearing from God, how to respond and what to do, as we take that step through the open door of opportunity. When Peter stepped out History was fulfilled. It was His Obedience that Opened the Door.

Jayne reminds us that we are a royal Priesthood, with appointed tasks and responsibilities.

Jayne also talked about the up-coming RoC (Redeeming our Communities) event at Franklin’s Gardens in November.

Eric continues his message from Last week on how Blood speaks. In the OT on the day of atonement the priest had to sprinkle blood seven times on the mercy seat, Eric details how Christ shed blood seven distinct times, to proclaim a better covenant than Moses. Each issue of blood is significant to us his children, Eric details what they can mean to us as we seek to reign in life.

For our Heavenly Father Blood Speaks. Able’s Blood spoke of Revenge, Jesus’ blood spoke of something far, far better.

Rita shares a short four point message, that uses a word she could have given prior to Richards message last week on Sacrifice. God added to this Word on Sacrifice through the week culminating in the first part of today’s message, and then Dave has more on the same theme.

Richard reminds us that Jesus not only offered His life in ultimate sacrifice, He lived His life as a sacrifice, offering Himself to God and to serve others. The principal of Sacrifice is central to the story of God and humanity, throughout scripture there are many examples of the efficacy of Sacrifice. All OT examples paving the way for the sacrifice of Christ at Calvary, and since that time all the followers of Christ are encouraged to present themselves as living sacrifices to God.

Jesus told us that we would have troubles in this life, but not to worry as he had overcome the world. Jayne shares some of her recent journey, as well as some of the trials that David had in his life. The troubles have not been removed from her life, nor were they removed from David’s life, but rather gave opportunity for them to be conquerors in their life situations. We also have this opportunity to be conquerors in our lives too, as we walk with Jesus by our side. No matter what our response is He will always be with us at every turn.

The Grace of God is more than unmerited favour. It is also the power to thrive.

We heard last week that the grace which saved us works an astonishing transformation in us - it makes us to be like Jesus, in this world and forever (1 John 4:17). All condemnation is gone for those in Christ Jesus.

But the Christians dependence on God’s Grace does not end there. It is not just the power to be. It is the power to do. All followers of Jesus are called to bear fruit, eternal fruit. It’s not optional. We all carry destiny. But as Jesus told us that without Him, we can do nothing, we need His grace to fulfill that destiny.

As we return from holidays, refreshed and ready to go, it is a perfect time to remind ourselves that We are Living Grace!

The more you contemplate the Grace of our God, the more astounded you become. It’s His Grace which enables us to be - puts us in a position we absolutely do not deserve to be in. A position we have not and cannot ever earn. It is is free gift to us won through Jesus’ shed blood at Calvary. It is amazing!

mark reads 1Kings 16:29-33, Mark asks us to consider the Altar of our life, what we set our hearts on becomes our Altar. Where our Altar has become broken we are encouraged to re-establish the Altar and receive from Jesus so that the Fire and Authority can return to our lives.

Richard asks the Question, What is the Church for? and how this relates to the Children and Young people of today.

Jayne's message this morning begins in Matthew 6:33 with an exhortation to 'Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.'  The kingdom is where God reigns, and is here on earth among his people.  We have access to the Kingdom through repentance and belief in His Power, and we have the opportunity to share this with others around us. We are here for a short time, how we use our time and the eternal impact we have is determined by our focus.

Dave's text for his message this morning is Rom 1:16, the focus of his message is the Gospel, the power of God unto Salvation.  It is our stock in trade, the Gospel of Christ.  We are to encounter the Love of God, and then demonstrate this love to people around us who do not know Jesus. 

Eric begins today's message by asking us what is our definition of success.  That there are many self help books that identify numerous keys to being successful in life.  The only book we need to be worried about is the Bible and how success is measured by God.  Eric identify's three keys for success from the life of Gideon, in Judges 6:11-16.  Firstly that we need to 'Fully embrace God's opinion of you;' secondly, that we 'Go as far as you can with the faith that you have;' and thirdly to 'Fully embrace the plan that God gives you.'

Dave begins the message this morning in the book of 2 Peter. and takes insights from the interesting life of Peter.  A man who had challenges along the way, which were a proving ground for Peter reigning in Life, and we can too.

Today's Father's Day message focuses on how God is Our Father.

Dave's Text this morning is found in Mark 4, where Jesus and His disciples are caught in a storm.  Dave uses this example to provide us with strategies on reigning in the storms that we encounter in our lives. 

Eric takes Zechariah 4 as His text, paying particular attention to the 'Shouts of Grace' this passage shows the heart of God for restoration, through out time He is determined to bring about Restoration.

Alan's message this morning looks at the way ester shows us how ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they are Reigning in Life.

Dave's message this morning focuses on God being Our God in what ever season we find ourselves in, what ever we find ourselves going through.

Eric's takes 2 Kings 6:8-23 as his text this morning,   An Old testament example of interpriting life from a different perspective.

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On the morning when Pete passed to glory, before Barbara called me, I had read Isaiah 12: [1] In that day you will say: “I will praise you, Lord. Although you were angry with me, your anger has turned away and you have comforted me. [2] Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defence; he has become my salvation. ” [3] With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. [4] In that day you will say: “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted. [5] Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world. [6] Shout aloud and sing for joy, people of Zion, for great is the Holy One of Israel among you. ” Even in the midst of the battles we face as a church family, we can find joy as we draw resources from the wells of salvation God has made available to us. Wells play a prominent role in scripture. They are places of hope, of refreshing, of prosperity. They speak of ownership and inheritance. They are frequent places of encounter, where more than physical needs are met. And in His provision for us, God has not just given us a well called Salvation. He has given us multiple wells coming from our Salvation. Wells where we can, when thirsty and parched, draw up life-giving and life-enabling resource for any and every situation. We can receive relief for fear, doubt, anxiety, confusion, our sin and failures. These wells bring forgiveness, acceptance, correction, freedom, joy. Whatever you need, there is a well. Pete Wilson is now drinking from that ultimate well of salvation. This is the ultimate fulfilment of the reason Jesus came: to have us with him and his father forever. It makes the travails and trials of this world seem so small and trivial, a blink of an eye. Yes, we will miss Pete, but this is why Pete gave his life to Christ. Eternity with God is the goal, and Pete is drinking deeply from that well right now. This world, this life, is not the real deal. We are to enjoy it and see it as a place to steward His kingdom. But it is a flash, a blink. We are looking forward to a city with foundations, who’s builder and architect is God – now Pete actually lives there! These wells of salvation are there for Jayne as she stands in faith for her healing, and for us as we support her and look on. Jayne faces a battle, but looking on brings its own challenges. As we battle thoughts and fears and ponder futures, our minds can be a difficult place. But those wells of salvation are there for us and they are there for Jayne. Whatever we need, it’s found in Jesus, the cross, and the salvation he has brought you into. Whilst struggling physically, Jayne is full of life and faith and laughter. Her hope is entirely in God. She says the battle is for souls, for the many thousands, and this enemy attempt to sabotage her and our goal will fail. She says her mind keeps going back to David and Goliath, and how Goliath was offended and outraged by the upstart David. Goliath was offended because he believed his own lies about David. And the Devil is a liar. God and we, Jayne said, is gonna make the devil regret every day Jayne has been in this position. His head is coming off! Those of you who have spent time with her cannot fail to be amazed and uplifted by her faith, strength and supernatural peace. All in the face of a major battle. Let me update you all as to where Jayne is: I, in constant discussion with Jayne, have shared with you what we know. But the fact is we don’t actually know much yet, in terms of official results from tests. Because none have come back. They will come back soon. I was with Jayne when before her operation, the consultant said that she has cancer, either ovarian or Primary Peritoneal Cancer. This is the diagnosis which is waiting to be confirmed. But I spoke with Jayne on Thursday, and then with Eric, because I felt it was important we knew the full picture so we can pray, because it is being made clear to Jayne that the treatment she is receiving, the surgery and the chemotherapy, is not being done to cure her of cancer, but to prolong her life. I, through conversations with others suspected this; others with knowledge may have guessed it; Jayne has known for a while through the information she received before her surgery. She didn’t want it making known however until all was confirmed. However after this past week’s events, where fluid appeared in one of her lungs, doctors are sure that this represents a spread of the disease from the primary source. So we feel it’s time we make the whole picture known. So why am I telling you this now? Well, it’s a hard burden for hazel and I to carry on our own. Some of you know all this through conversations with Jayne. Siji has known for a while because of her background. But it’s time for us as a family to share this together. I’m telling you now so you know just what this Goliath looks like! Sometimes we can pray with energy and faith when we think that really it’ll be ok because medicine can sort it. Well, in reality it can’t. She needs a miracle. This changes how we pray. There is no safety net. Without miraculous intervention, this illness will win sometime in the coming months or years. I’m telling you now so that when the miracle happens you will know it’s a miracle. If the results come back showing no cancer, you’ll know it was Jesus! When she is raised up you’ll celebrate the miracle! I’m telling you now because faith can not be intimidated by facts. I’m not frightened of knowing what’s going on. Some people choose to boost their faith by taking a position which says something like ‘I don’t have cancer’, denying its validity by speaking what they believe. I understand this faith-boosting device. But for me and what we will teach, I have no problem with stating what we are fighting because faith is bigger and stronger. We will see this enemy defeated by showing that the faith has overcome. It seems a bit daft to say I don’t have something before I’m healed, only to say I did have it after I’m healed! No, we not only face this Goliath, but like David we run at this Goliath! To quote another of my favourite Bill Johnsonism’s: “Faith does not deny a problems existence; it denies it a place of influence”. I’m telling you now so that we as a family can stand strong with Jayne. I choose to believe that Jayne will be victorious over this. I choose to see no other outcome. I’m not prophesying anything or being stupid. It’s my faith position. God heals! So we pray for healing unless he tells us to pray something else. She does not need your pity or our grief. If you want to go and see her then don’t go with pity or grief. She doesn’t want that. She needs us to pray with faith and to stand strong with her. We will worship to victory. Nothing will stop or dent our praise. Jayne will not walk back into this building and find a place of pity, but a ferment of worship and praise of Jesus! I’m telling you now because this isn’t Jayne’s fight. And it’s not my fight. If you think I carry it as the pastor whilst you just come to church and watch what I do, you’re wrong. That’s not how this family works. This is our fight! We share in the battle, and we’ll share in the spoils of victory! Our faith counts. Eric reminded me of the story of the men who broke through the roof with their lame friend and brought him to Jesus. Jesus saved and healed the man on the basis of the faith he saw in the men who brought him. Our faith matters. Jayne needs us. And we won’t let her down. We will tear open the roof for Jayne! We will move to two Prayer Connect Groups from this week, meeting Monday’s and Thursdays, so hopefully all of you can make one. More details on this to come. I’m telling you this now because I believe, and Jayne believes, this is a battle over God’s word and plans for this church. Jayne keeps telling me that the goal, the real goal, is the Many Thousands of souls in this town. This is in the core of Jayne’s heart. And His Word over us, and our heritage, is being challenged. We rise to the challenge! God has begun something. This year there has been a shift, and that is being attacked. Don’t ask me how or why it happens, but it is. So I call you to pray, believe, not despair. If you despair you’re not really a help to Jayne. I fully understand and am comforted by the fact that this is a battle Jayne cannot loose. She has said that there are two paths before her, both with glorious destinations. But she wants, and I want for her, the path that leads her to take her place in winning many thousands, and I’m going after that path. I ask you to join me. There will be tears. Sometimes of fear, sometimes out of sheer love for our Jayne. Sometimes anger. But whatever, there are wells of salvation for you. And everyone of us will grow and be stronger and bigger because of the resources we have drunk from out of those wells. Your God is big enough. The cross is enough. We will win! Together, United, unified, we will win!!

Diane spends time encouraging us to get involved in the Rhythm of Mission, and reads examples from books about a project in Wales and how they have been meeting the needs of the people who come to the center and also how they have impacted their community, and the land around them.  Testimonies of how God is at work in today's society here in UK.

Dave's message this morning focuses on Faith rather than feelings.  we are not walking in Darkness, and we have hope because we are walking in the light.   If God gives us something to do, go with what we know to do.  Dave gave as an example a Man in Australia who spent his time giving out tracts and asking the question if you did today where would you go?  He did this for years without knowing any of the impact he had on the lives he encountered.  Before he passed into the presence of God a man who had encountered many of the people in various countries of the world who had come to Christ because of this man's witness, was able to tell him some of their stories.  not a big thing to do, but pivitoal in many lives.

Eric uses Proverbs 18:21 as the spring board for today's message, all about the power of the tongue.  Because we have the Spirit of God within us the words that we speak have power to change situations.  Eric encourages us to get 'Gobby'  and speak words of life into everyday situations.

Dave's message today looks at how we can Fulfill our potential, be all that we were created to be.

Easter Sunday message from Dave, Go's Heart for us, is for us to Rise.

Richards message this morning begins by recapping the essence of Last weeks message of being a part of Team Jesus, that in this Team there should be no Subs; we all have a role to play.  The theme of today's message is Possession, Possession enables us to Dominate and not to be dominated, it causes us to appreciate the skills and attributes of those around us and cause us to work together, Possession also enables us to rise and flourish in the areas we are called to work at.  Possession brings success and results for the kingdom, we have all that we need, we have a glorious future and a rich interitance.

Dave takes Philippians 2:12-18 as the spring board for his message this morning.  Where we are encouraged to live without Grumbling.  To work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

Message this morning is all about Surrender, not to the situation or the circumstance but to God, where there is Victory in Surrender.

Jayne talks through the experiences of living out mission in a real life circumstance.

In Eric's message this morning we are told that: 

We are all people of significance, We are all people made by God, We are people of Significance, Power and Influence.  Key players in God’s plan to complete staggering transformations in our word.   We are NOT weak and insignificant, no matter what society may tell us.  Our words count and they count big time.  God has chosen to work by the power of His word.   God spoke the world into being, God works by the power of His word and has established this truth in us.

What flows into you heart will inevitably over flow from your mouth.  During the course of a day we can speak or hear over 20 000 words, which fall into three categories, Facts, the vocabulary of the Natural world; Fake things, Fake news is increasingly part of our world, fakery is on the increase and we will see more fakes in the future including fake prophets; and then there are the Faith words, the language of the Kingdom of heaven.  Faith words come from the heart that has been quickened with the Word of God.  These are the words that will change our world.   God works by His Word through Our Lips.

Dave takes Hebrews 1: 1-2 as the springboard for his message this morning.  The Adventure we are on is Journey, it has a beginning and an end, in between these two points 'stuff' happens.  When Jesus came he had a purpose, he had his eyes fixed on the Joy that was set before him, we were the joy set before him, knowing we would be in glory with him because of all that he would endure.

Richard uses Luke 5 as his springboard for his message this morning.  Encouraging us that we have a greater purpose than sitting in the boat, like Peter we are called to go on adventures, to Love Jesus, to Love Others, and to set an example and Lifestyle.  Richard asks us to consider what Church could look like, what discipleship could look like, to change our Mindset.

Jayne's theme this morning is all about personal evangelism.  Challenging us to step out in 2018, and get into the Rhythm of Mission.

the Theme of Why Not Us, Why not Here and Why Not Now, continues within this weeks message.  Dave uses the adventure of Johnathon and his Armour Bearer routing the Philistine camp as a living Example for us.  The seeming impossible is possible.  God takes the small things and makes them big.

This mornings message considers the start of a new year, and challenges us to dream big for this year's adventure.

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Eric spoke today about the significance of our thought life and how we can stand on the victory won for us by the blood of the cross.

It is our responsibility to have a mental data protection policy in our mind, and to know when to close the doors on thoughts that seek access. While the enemy seeks access through our emotions, we can gain access to the river of life by aligning our will with the word of God. Doing so releases life; transformed thinking produces transformed living!

May we all gain ground in the battlefield of our minds!

Dave shares again the vision for LGC and the driving force behind what we should do as a local church - His Word over us. The fact that God has ‘many thousands in this town’ can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if we think in terms of our local body growing and growing and growing...  But we remembered that one thousand is made up of a thousand One’s, each loved passionately by God. These are the One’s within our reach. We just have to say yes to Jesus.

Twice Peter said no to Jesus. And twice Jesus got Peter to change his response to yes - to take up his cross and love God with all his heart (Matthew 16); to have his feet washed and let the love of God enter his heart (John 13).  

This life of encounter and demonstration of God’s love is the adventure we tale up to reach the thousand One’s. Saying yes to serving Him whatever the cost and refusing the deceitfulness of the riches of this world. And saying yes to His view of and belief in us, even when our minds tell us we are helpless and hopeless

Paul shared with us from Song of Solomon 7:10 ‘I am my beloved's, and his desire is toward (for) me.’

There was a strong emphasis right through yesterday’s service on our adoption to the Father, and our identity in Him. Let Jesus wash your feet this week, receiving the love of the One who desires to be with and know you. Then we can truly love and wash the feet of those around us, as we share the adventure of Living Grace with our town.

Diane word today reminds us that a land of promise awaits! This is so much more than a building but everything God has for us as we pursue His Kingdom come individually and collectively.

We heard Moses' challenge to the Israelite nation, 'You have stayed at this mountain long enough' and this came with four key ingredients to enable the Israelite's to move forward;   1) A review of their testimony and all God had done for them
2) A reminder of their identity as God's chosen, beloved people. 3) A reminder to encounter the living word of God that transforms and sets apart.  4) and reflecting on their future as God had determined and a reminder that God sees us as who we will become.

Eric has the Armour of God as his text this morning.

Ian encourages us all to be the Address where people can find Jesus.  Tell everyone about Jesus so that if someone wants to find out about Jesus, even if they don't know you someone will point them in your direction so that you can tell them about Jesus.

Richard asks us to consider times when we have had things happen to us that are completely out of our control, when we have been overwhelmed.  there are also times when we are out of control spiritually, times when we feel scared and alone.  Richard Looks at a situation where David , before he was King, was in just such a situation.  David shared his feelings, was Transparent before God with how he felt, David was Troubled by his circumstances, but in the crying out to God David found that he was free within himself the circumstances hadn't changed, but his view of the situation had and He was Triumphant.

Christmas has come early, Jayne looks at the responses of Joseph to Mary's being pregnant.  Joseph's visit from the Angel was sometime after Mary's, God's timing is different for each one of us, and is perfect for each circumstance.

Dave recaps the message from last week and expands on the present situation, where we are now and what we are doing while waiting for our ultimate destination to become apparent.  It is not a holding pattern till that time, but a time of growing and sowing.

Dave looks back at where we have come from, where we are headed, and where we are now.

Eric's message this morning provides an introduction to the coming study on the Armour of God.  (please note the recording has been provided from a phone message so will echo)

In the sermon senopsis Dave talks about Samuel's need to have his hearing attuned to God voice.

Dave takes the story of Samson and encourages us to 'Never loose the Cry for More of the Holy Spirit'

Jayne asks the Question 'How Hungry are you for God?'

Dave discusses Mindsets and how they can impact the way we think and act.  

Jayne asks the Question are we Good Conductors, allowing the life of God to flow through us, or do we have areas where we have insulated ourselves, and the flow is impeeded.

Richard Up-Dates us on the work of Light House Trust.

Fire is the Biblical symbol of God's presence.  Eric's three point message shows us that - 1. Fire gives significance and identity.  2. Without Fire there is no Glory.  3.  Fire alone answers the needs of humanity.  Fire will not fall on empty alters, Fire does not fall on neglected alters, and without Fire there is no Glory,  It is the Fire of God that this world needs as it was in times past.  

Dave reminds us that the Apostle John was writing to alert people to the lies that were being taught.  He wrote to bring people back to the fundamentals.  A back to basics if you will, that Christ died, that He rose again, and that He is living in Heaven. Where he is an Advocate for us.  Jesus wants to be at the center of our lives.

Richard completed a his two-part message on faith, demonstrating that we are not 'ordinary people'.  His text was taken from Hebrews 11 & 12:

- Bombproof Faith: a faith which sometimes shakes, but never shatters

- Faith as a badge of honour: disgrace for the sake of Christ should be expected, but the reward is worth it.

- Faith which looks round corners: Faith is like the title deed of things we cannot see. Not being able to see the answer does not mean we are going to fall.

- Faith that focuses the mind: Keep your eyes on Jesus. Ask: who am I living for? What am I investing in?

- Faith can sometimes offend: Like in the story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5. We refuse to feel sorry for ourselves.

- Faith that trains: Training is not punishment. It is care and discipline that confirms our relationship to Father

We are blessed to hear from Richard that 'We are not normal'! That should make you feel better! His premise was on the basis that our faith makes all the difference in the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ, and gives us something unique. It means we no longer view things from a worldly point of view. I cannot use the excuse that 'I'm only human.'  Faith brings a whole new way of viewing possibilities, opportunities and difficulties. It is that unique, heavenly factor that puts the 'super' before the 'natural'. And it is powerful - or bombproof as Richard put it - able to withstand every threat  It is also the power to believe that others opinions are not as valuable as our Fathers. Moses was willing to suffer disgrace for the sake of Christ, rather than obtain the treasures Egypt. We can be ridiculed for our beliefs, or compromise out of fear of being rejected or labelled by the world. But faith sees the rewards from obedience as far greater than anything else on offer. Moses was 'no ordinary child'. And neither are you. Your faith, twinned with grace, enables you to walk in truth. As you live a life of love, this faith will open doors in your world for adventures for Him. This is the height of living.

Jayne's passionate message  reminds us that, we are designed to constantly walk with and hear from the Holy Spirit. Our enemy the Devil is constantly broadcasting lies to us and over our lives. We can choose to develop an ear to hear the Holy Spirit so we can prophetically bring His transforming Word to people's lives. There are thousands in our town waiting to hear. 

Dave takes a break from the series in 1 John, and this week looks at Numbers, and lessons we can learn from the Israelite nation when the spies went into the land the first time and their responses to what was discovered there.  Dave identifies three reasons for the Nation turning their back on God and wandering in the wilderness for another 40 years.  If we are to fulfill our potential then we should be aware of these attitudes and guard against them by keeping close to Father .

Dave continues the Series in 1 John and this week completes his exposition of Chapter 1.  John was not afraid to nail his colours to the mast when it came to living right for Jesus, he exhorts us to do the same, reminding us that if we continually live with sinful habits then we risk our relationship with Father.. We have a message of Hope for the world that needs to be told from a point of Love and Grace.

Dave begins the Series 'The Nature of Love', taking s his text 1 John 1, Dave speaks about how we are brought into fellowship with one another and with God through the Holy Spirit. We can live life intrinsically connected with Him, hearing and obeying in every aspect of life.  Then we reign in life. And all this despite Jesus being full of light, whilst our background was darkness. He came as The Light and The Word into our darkness, and we are now alive because of His pure love, which miraculously makes me acceptable to a perfect Father. We deserved death for our sin, yet we are in fellowship with Him.  The Love for us came at a cost to Jesus, the only one who could pay the price.

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Unfortunately this message did not record, how ever a brief over view has been provided by Dave.

We are starting next week a teaching series on the book of 1 John, examining The Nature of Love. Love has many expressions and colours. But the love of God is unique in that it can not only supply the needs of the body and mind, as other loves can, but it can resolve the core need in every man and woman: the need for mercy.

No one knew of the perfect love of Jesus Christ more than the apostle John. He saw Jesus' perfect love in action and he had the moniker of 'the disciple whom Jesus loved'. Yet 1 John contains some of the most stringent, stark, black and white statements regarding Gods love for us and how we should love Him and each other. He pulled no punches in a way which seems out of place today. But the truths still stand.

We will look at what it meant for God to love us, what our love for God looks like, how we should love our brothers and sisters in Christ and love the world. And look at the real costs, overshadowed of course by the rewards, and the power released when we love God with all our hearts, our minds, our souls and our strength.

Alan asks us to consider the News around us, real or otherwise, that can distort the way we view the world around us.  And can also cause us to have a distorted view of our own lives.  Our faith doesn't set us apart from suffering.  Alan encourages us that when we are feeling overwhelmed by our circumstances we need more than ever to be overwhelmed by Jesus in the situation.  Jesus' word to us is that 'He has come that we might have life and have it to the full'... John 10:10  No matter what is going on for us, or how we feel about the situation and about God, He is there with us the whole time.  We will dwell in His presence forever, our part is to trust and obey, then there is Joy and Hope.

Dave's message this morning focuses on the love of God and its expression towards us.  Dave takes Psalm 25:6&7 as his text, focusing in on the phrase 'According to your Love remember me'

Jayne message this morning is about equipping game changers.  Jayne encourages us to nurture the Young people around us, so that they see things through the lens of the kingdom,   Ester carried the presence of God with her, and became a game changer for a Nation, She was encouraged in this by her Uncle, she didn't do it on her own.  Daniel was another person who determined to live by kingdom principals.  his took the lead and others followed his example, and a nation was influenced.  Both Game Changers in their situations.

Diane speaks at this year's Mother's day Service, about wanting the best for the Children of God. Moses is described in scripture as a Beautiful Child, and Pleasing to God.  As he was we also are no Ordinary Child of God.  he had a major role to play, and we as Children of Faith we are born for a purpose.  Psalm 139 describes some of what God knows of us, and that He thinks of us.  This psalm makes clear that we have God's undivided attention.  We are Special to Him, We are no Ordinary Child because of who Our Father is.

This morning's message follows on from last weeks message.   We are challenged to have a new mind, to think differently than the world around us.  We are in a different place and need to have a different mindset, the world needs to have the church operate from a Kingdom perspective.  God is always thinking, His thoughts are beyond our thoughts, and knows no bounds, and He is thinking of Us. 

Dave uses Matthew 26:6-13 as his springboard for the message this morning, and how this passage is an illustration for the Gospel.  Dave's message has four points:-  1. The Gospel is powerful, but the Gospel is offensive - if the Gospel we live is not offensive then is it effective?  2. Extravagant love for Jesus comes before extravagant love for the world - If love for the world comes before Love for Jesus then the love is an inferior one.  3. The Gospel Costs - We can't love Extravagantly if it doesn't cost us something.  4. Whatever it costs is worth it - We can never out give our God.  He is the focus of our worship and the one we are to demonstrate to the world, the more we know Him the more we can demonstrate Him to the world around us.

After the storm this week, Jayne asks us where do we go to when the storms of life come upon us.  Jayne looks at the life of David as an example, showing where he went when the storms come.  Jayne takes a whistle stop tour of David's life, then looks more closely at the time when Saul was wanting to kill David.  At this point in David's life he went to the Temple for sustenance.  In our storms we should be going into the presence of God as well.  Gaining sustenance from the word ready for the battle.

While David was at the temple he asked if there was a weapon there, there was and it was the sword of Goliath, the priest gave this sword to David.  The sword was full of testimonies of Davids life, of how God sustained him when he stood against Goliath with stones from the stream and a sling shot.  Past testimonies of victories in times past are like swords in our hands against the voice of the enemy, in the face of our present storm.

In the presence of God we will find all that we need when the storms of life come upon us.

Jayne's word this morning, begins by looking closely at Hanna, how she cried out to God for a child, the ridicule she suffered, how she was misunderstood by those who should have been there to support her.  Throughout it all she had an overriding, right attitude.  She honored the man of God who thought she was drunk, and this is when she received the promise that resonated in her heart that she would have a child by the same time next year.  Hanna did not give up, she saw her breakthrough, but that breakthrough did not just impact her and her situation, there was a knock-on effect in that her son changed the atmosphere of his nation.  The same principal applies to our breakthroughs, they are not just for us, but impact those around us and further.  So do not give up!

Eric encourages us not to be robbed of what God has for us because of the difficulties we go through, Eric has a three point message about Pain, firstly Pain is NOT Punishment, secondly Pain is Part of the Process. and Thirdly Pain is Productive.  Through out it all God wastes nothing, we may not know what God is doing, but we do know that He loves us and has the best for us.

Dave looks at the life of Jacob, he left his father's tents with nothing and when he returned he had more than enough.  If he hadn't walked through the Open Door that God put in front of him, then he would have missed the Blessing of God on his life.  The blessing happened as part of the journey, Jacob allowed God to change him.  

In the midst of pressing in it is a place of blessing, it can also be a place of Trial, No matter which it is always an opportunity to partner with God.  We may not see the fruits of what we pray for immediately, we may never know the whole impact of our prayers, however our prayers are powerful and Satan runs before them.

Dave talks more of open doors before us, if the door in front of us is open then it is the right door for us to go through, God has chosen us and He doesn't get things wrong.

Dave begins the New year with a message for 2017 that this is a year of not just occupying a place, but rather about taking New Ground!  God is a God of Open doors, ... There stands before us and open door, that no man can shut.   There were times for Paul when doors closed to him, however he was always looking for an open door to walk through, and if it was not the right door for God to close it.

Dave takes Matthew 11 verses 27-30 as his springboard this morning, and shows how being yoked with God allows us to walk closer with him, to get to know him more intimately and ultimately be more fulfilled as a child of God.  In the yoke there is freedom, we partner with him and as a result we are stronger.

Dave takes 1 Corinthians 16 verses 17 & 18 as the basis for his message this morning.  people of God bring refreshment to the world around them, we are  to be 'refreshers' in our world.  Dave looks the six core values of Love, Faith, Hope, Humility, Grace and Courage, and encourages us to filter things through these six values.  This morning Dave looks at the first three values and how they impact the effectiveness of a refresher.

Richard takes Galatians 6 verses 6-10 as his springboard for his message this morning, and looks at the principal of sowing and reaping, the natural principal can be applied to the way we live our lives and the kind of impact we can have on the world around us.

Eric continues  the message on sitting where we belong.  Shows us that we are seated in the heavenly's, from this vantage point we have a different point of view.  We are adopted into the family of god we are heirs not slaves, children of the king not orphans.  Slaves live in fear, children live in favor.

Jayne'uses Ephesians 2 verses 4-7 to frame her message this morning.  Then looks closely at the account of David and Mephibosheth, how Mephiboseth viewed himself and how David viewed him.  the view he had of himself meant that he lost out on some of his inheritance.  Jayne asks a couple of questions, Do we live in the light of being a child of God? and Do we take hold of the things God has for us? 

Eric begins by asking the question, 'Are You Sitting Where You Belong?' Eric details what it means to be seated and then goes on to show us how we are entitled to our seat in the Heavenlies and what this means for us and the way we live out our lives.

Jayne's message this morning from Matthew 15: 21-28, looks at the importance of how we Frame situations.  How we frame things impacts the way we respond, framing things with the Goodness of God is not as easy as it may sound, however the impact of doing so is huge.

Dave's uses Romans 8 as his springboard for today's message, specifically looking at the phrase - 'These Things' and the impact of considering these things when we are dealing with our things.

The three points of today's message show how our Yesterdays, Tomorrows and Today are included in these things.  

Leah shares some of her journey with Jesus, from the time as a young girl she waited for Jesus to come and take her to Africa to be a missionary, to today seeing things in a new way.

Testimonies from Leicester, where the Love God and His people has impacted the lives of many Afghan families.

Joao is interviewed by Dave and shares his testimony of how he was lead into leadership.

Cara shares how her adventure began, some of the twists and turns along the way, and how God has been leading her up to this point.

Richard shares how his adventure began, and how God has been leading him along this path.

The message today sets the scene for 'Adventure September' where various speakers will share their 'Adventures of a Life Time'

Jayne uses Rom 5:17 as her springboard for her message this morning, Jayne asks us as we begin to reign in life what face do we show.  Jayne gives four examples of faces that we can use and asks do we present our 'Real' face to God when we come into His presence. If not then we limit our self transformation, and the deepness of our relationship with Father.

Dave uses Psalm 51:10-12 to illustrate that when we fall in our battles against sin, not only are we wonderfully forgiven and restored, but we like King David can boldly ask Our Heavenly Father for a 'Willing (Noble, Inclined, Willing, Generous) spirit, to sustain us'.  God is willing to impart what is needed to overcome in the situation and to live free, He delights in giving us everything we need to reign in life.

Ian Rossel speaks this morning about us being invited to journey with God; to be the representatives that carry His Love.  This love wants to kick out fear.  It's the kingdom of Love against the Kingdom of Fear.  Don't be tied down by our past or by fear.  His Love is more than enough.  The Journey from fear to Love is the journey from slavery to Son-ship, God will strengthen us for the journey and as part of this journey our orphaned hearts will be healed.  It is also a Journey to be enjoyed.  

The atmosphere of the Kingdom is Love while the atmosphere of the world is fear.  It is easy to allow the challenges of life to shape us, and focus on our feelings which are not a true measure of the situation.  God is confident about our tomorrows, He will take my past recycle it and use it for my good. 

Laura brings the overview of the Children's work to a close by looking at the place of children within the kingdom, and how they can be game changers.

Using Galatians 6:14 as his spring board, Eric again speaks about the power of the Cross, and how it frees all of us from Shame.

Diane shares a story at the start of her message to set the scene for what she has to share this morning about developing a close relationship with God.  One where we are captivated.

Jayne's focus this morning is on Fathers (Parents) in this place, on this Fathers' day.

Dave takes John 21 as the springboard for his message this morning, looking at how God values our contribution and so should we.  and answers the question, 'Why does God want our Fish?'

Jayne encourages us to pursue the impossible, to dream dreams, to live the adventure of a lifetime.

Allan takes a circuitous route to arrive at a very special meal.  On the way we learn that Jesus counts us worthy, in-spite of our shortcomings.

God is positioning us so that we are in the right place to have the most impact on the world around us.  A Church with impact is made is made up of powerful, significant people who partner with God

Dave gives us the background to the change of Name for our Church.

Richard takes a number of examples from Scripture, that are to encourage us all to be a people of expectation, to see God work when we speak to the mountains within our lives

Poverty mentality is not about money, what we have, but rather it is about what we allow to dictate to us and influence our actions.

Jayne is encouraged by others in the service in the lead up to her sharing this mornings message of God calling us to a Higher place.

The church is in a season of transition. Brian from Kingdom Life Church in Northampton shows us the necessity for Love & Holiness to flow together in our lives. We need to receive the spirit of Grace to live the abundant life we have been called to. Grace is the key to living and maturing.

Eric begins his message by Looking at Galatians 6:14, going on to talk about The Cross of Christ being the source of Empowering Grace. That all of us need to nurture the blood bought truth of inevitable triumph in a world that has a fear of failure. We need to break the curse of Expectations of Failure.


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