The LGC Family

We are a family. And like every family, we have our way of doing things. We try not to fight for position, nor do we just exist as a place for us to express our 'ministry'. We primarily love being family and being joined together through Jesus. As it has been said: 'you may come because you enjoy the worship or the preaching or the activities - you'll stay because you find relationship'.


Of course, we are part of Gods great family, one with His church.

But God establishes local churches through which He expresses and builds His kingdom. And He is shaping LGC through and for His unique Word to us. We are not better or greater than anyone else: we're not even that focused on becoming a big church. Rather we focus on creating big people, equipping them for their unique adventure to reach the many thousands in this town. Our growth will come from this.

We hold to established core beliefs which we share with most other mainstream churches. But we have developed a set of convictions, values and cultures which support our vision. So if people want to become part of the LGC family, we like to walk them through these different aspects of how we do family so that you get to understand us, and we get to understand you.

We begin this processs by inviting you to 'join our Bunch for Lunch'. We will provide lunch for you with some members of the church, and share briefly our history and vision, before we eat together and get to know one another, and give a chance for you to ask questions. We'll leave you with some information and if after this, you want to journey further forward with us, we'll set some times when we can talk more with you about how we do family.

If you want to know more about us, or want to know when our next 'Bunch for Lunch' is, then come and see us on a Sunday, or email