We are all leaders. We are all 'in ministry'. We all carry the Kingdom to bring transformation.  See how you can share your adventure with us as you become part of the family at LGC.

Everyday Heroes

First and foremost, we believe we all carry the Kingdom into every situation. The prayer is 'on earth as it is in heaven'. As we are all glory-carrying sons and daughters of the King, we train and equip the family to believe that they, like Jonathan and his armour-bearer in the Old Testament (1 Samuel 14), are equipped for adventures which turns darkness into light. God will build His church - our role is in extending the Kingdom.  This will not happen just in a church building, but in schools, workplaces, parks, neighbourhoods. Wherever you are, you serve in the assignment He has given you.


Our worship team is committed to pursuing the presence of God, to let the Holy Spirit be free in our gatherings. Worship is our highest calling, and we are made as worshipers. By worshiping in Spirit and truth we create an atmosphere God inhabits, and where anything becomes possible. Heaven is about worship and in our gathering we will always worship before everything else. If you have this heart and are a skilled musician, why not be part of our team and lead the people in encountering His presence.

Children & Youth

LGC has many decades of children's and youth work in Northampton, both in a church context and outside. If you have a heart for children, to teach them how to encounter the presence of God and equip them to demonstrate His love, then join our creche or CoGs team, who meet during the service on a Sunday morning.

You can also be part of our Youth Group - Uproar - for ages 12-17, which meets on Friday evenings. This group is currently running a Youth Alpha Corrse to help ground young Christians in their faith and open show the love of God to those seeking to find Him.

Connect Groups

Do you have a passion?  Can you use your passion to build family, to Connect people to the family and to the Father's love? Then use your passion for Him and be part of our Connect Group network which uses our talents, gifts and passions to have adventures, producing encounters and demonstrations which show the heart of the Father.  These can be overtly 'spiritual', or can be hobby-based, or activity driven. The goal is to produce heart connections in the family, to the Father, and to equip you for your adventure.

Lighthouse Trust

For over20 years, LGC has run activities in the schools across the county. This ministry, called Lighthouse Trust and run by Richard Kinning, has hundreds of visits in over 30 schools across the county every year, offering assemblies, R.E. lessons, workshops and other activities. Lighthouse spans churches, and has had a huge impact in our county over the years. For more information go to lighthouse-trust.org.uk.

Community Love - Loving Northampton

We run many activities which show our city the love of God. From Parent and Toddler groups to Homework Clubs, lunch clubs to activities for adults with learning difficulties, we seek to live out our vision to demonstrate the love of God. These groups run weekly. Contact the office for further details.