Fred Squire

Fred Squire

Living Grace Church has been in existence for more than 85 years. The church was planted as a result of a crusade by the evangelist Fred Squire in 1932, an event in which many became followers of Jesus, and where testimonies of extraordinary healings' were recorded. From this an Assemblies of God church was planted. This is today called Living Grace Church.

The church had many locations and a few names, but in the 1950s settled in Monks Park Hall in Abington, before moving to it's last home in Adnitt Road, known then as the Gospel Tabernacle. The name was changed to Abington Christian Centre in the mid-1980s and eventually withdrew from the AoG fellowship to become an independent church. In 2016 the church sold it's premises on Adnitt Road to set off on an adventure to reach our town. The name was then changed to Living Grace Church.

We are a family passionate about loving God and one another, whose core beliefs are shared by churches worldwide which seek revival and transformation and work to see His Kingdom come. A .pdf copy of our Beliefs and Convictions can be found here.

We don't run a set membership scheme for those wishing to become part of the LGC family. But we have a process to enable us to get to know one another and ensure you understand and can share our vision, and that our hearts can be joined together in love. We don't look to connect on the basis of ministry, activity or abilities. But rather through our hearts being joined, as this is where unity established and preserved. Details of this process can be found here.

Though we are not part of an established denomination, we are growing in connection through what God is doing across the world, breaking down barriers across His church as we develop heart relationships gathered around fathers and apostolic leaders. Through these we seek to cultivate revival and transformation through relationship, not highlighting differences but rather focusing on Jesus and seeing His Kingdom Come. We have many connections and relationships with apostolic fathers locally and nationally, joined in heart with a vision for revival. Many of these connections have and are being made through the Global Legacy network with whom we partner

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Living Grace Church is a registered charity, charity number 1171041, and is a business registered in England with number 09889362